I got out of the box.

It wasn’t easy, but I did it.  I found my escape…my “out” - and I took it, like you wouldn’t believe.

I had come to the realization of how unhappy and disconnected I was.  I recognized how tired I was of living up to everyone else’s standards.  I was mad that I let myself do it and for so long.  I was frustrated because I couldn’t see or figure my way out and then I was frustrated because I stopped trying.  I had lost sight of my passion and “heart”, yet I had HUGE dreams, vivid visions and ambitious goals, unattainable in my own ability – but I let the opinions and beliefs of others determine how far I would reach and what for.  It was time for ME to live - so I made a decision, and then I made the change.

Here’s how I did it (I’ll go into more detail about this in upcoming entries):

1.       I changed my mind

2.       I changed my environment

3.       I changed my circle

These major changes, alone, proved to be the success formula for me. 

In a recent conversation I had with myself, “we” discovered this eye-opening revelation.  Though I have yet to reach my goal and place of destiny, I’m well on my way.  Each day I’m progressing and each day I can see and track my progress and movement. And it’s because of the huge and freeing impact of just 3 small, intentional changes. 

No longer is my smile a disguising mechanism engaged to mask my heart’s sting.  It's genuinely and authentically my heart’s theme and song it sings.

THIS, my friend, is living! 

THIS, my friend, is #OfficiallyTerrell!

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