With over 20 years in the music industry, singer/songwriter, Terrell Hunt, is no novice.

The Stellar Award nominee has worked with some of the greatest and top names in the industry
and has lent his "gospel-meets-soul" vocal stylings to musical works all over the globe.  
Terrell's roots in gospel, jazz and classical music create a platform for him to deliver a unique collaboration
of vocal composition - one that strikes a resounding chord with his audiences worldwide.

A consultant to a variety of new artists and church music departments alike, Terrell offers
leadership training and coaching complete with strategic planning and "roadmapping" for growth and
development in both music industry and music ministry forefronts.  

As the Founder of Generation Alive!, Inc (a nonprofit for youth in performing arts), and
BillyAllison Music Group, LLC (an artist development firm), he is steadily emerging and has
been noted as one of the leading, "up and coming" entrepreneurs of our time.

With his latest EP release, "You Did It", Terrell has no intentions of slowing down.
 In fact, he says, "I'm just getting started!".


Contact: Dominique Thompson |  Ph: (804) 665-5037 |  E: info@terrellhunt.com

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